Roof Cleaning

Our roof cleaning service is a process which gives your roof a new lease of life, increasing the life span of your roof, and immediately enhancing the appearance of your home.

You cannot completely stop the re growth of moss but the process can be slowed down by having your roof cleaned and an anti Algae solution applied.

Our roof cleaning service includes, cleaning the roof ,replacing broken or missing tiles, re pointing where necessary, sealing the roof with anti algae solution and cleaning the Gutters.


Roof cleaning process

  • Inspect roof for missing or broken tiles and replace to prevent water ingress whilst power wash process is carried out
  • Outlet strainers are installed to gutter outlets, or downpipes are disconnected to prevent blockages.
  • Power wash the roof, removing moss algae and lichens.
  • Clean out gutters removing all debris caused by the roof cleaning process.
  • Replace any broken tiles which have become more visible by the cleaning process.
  • Re-point any loose or missing cement work to hips, ridge etc where necessary.
  • Seal the roof with anti algae solution to prevent the re growth of moss and algae.
  • Clean the whole area below the roof, where any debris may have fallen. Including fascias, gutters, soffits, barge boards and windows.